14. 10. 2021

Further steps included in the Mobility Plan have been implemented

During the last quarter, three major changes concerning public transport envisaged in the Prague Mobility Plan have been implemented. First, the long-awaited passage from Žižkov to the Main Railway Station has been opened. With the entrance located at Italská Street, the passage provides an alternative path to the rather lengthy detour past the U Bulhara intersection and should also put an end to the dangerous and forbidden habit of climbing over the station fence behind the last track. Since September, the accessibility of our largest train station has improved thanks to the extension of the northern platform underpass towards Italská Street. The passage will be appreciated not only by the students of the University of Economics and Business and people travelling to Žižkov by train, but also by all other Prague residents. The entrance is wheelchair accessible.

The second piece of news concerns the opening of the Praha-Zahradní Město railway station the construction of which significantly increases transport comfort and speed, as well as the quality of passenger transfers between different modes of public transport. The station was constructed with the aim of increasing the popularity of travel using the integrated public transport even at the expense of individual transport by car.

Finally, a new tram loop has been constructed at this railway station facilitating transfers between trams, city bus lines and trains. With the completion of this tram line, the number of connections in the Radošovická – Zahradní Město section has been extended and all line 22 trams will currently go through the Zahradní Město railway station. The project was co-financed from EU funds, specifically from the Operational Programme Transport II. The new transport hub is served by tram lines 22, 26 and night lines 97 and 99, buses 101, 138, 154, 175, 177, 188 and X195 (temporarily), and night bus lines 901 and 906.