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Creation of Alternative Propulsion Study

16. July 2019

Analysis of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Its Suburbs showed that Prague desperately needs an alternative propulsion strategy. Not everywhere in the city is the air clean, and further development of electromobility is truly just around the corner.

Automobile manufacturers are practically one-upping each other to present a cheaper electric car that can travel longer distances; therefore, it can easily happen that drivers will simply not have anywhere to charge their cars. Alternative propulsion (electricity or compressed natural gas (CNG)), is already in use today in so-called city logistics, i.e., in supplying goods and services or collecting waste.  It is, however, important to continue this trend and set uniform conditions. That is why the Strategy for Promotion of Alternative Propulsion in Prague until 2030 is being created based on the recommendations from the Sustainable Mobility Plan and partially also with the help of the international InnovaSUMP programme, which aims to improve low-carbon economy policies.

The strategy started to be developed roughly in mid-2018 and should be approved by the Prague City Council by the end of this year. The Transport Department, which is in charge of the strategy, has chosen a tried and tested approach of having the strategy drawn up by experts from City Hall and city institutions, like the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, ROPID, Technical Road Administration, Prague Transport Company, Operátor ICT and Technologie hlavního města Prahy, to name a few, all managed and coordinated by an external project manager. Moreover, key workshop participants are also involved in each phase of the strategy. Over 30 experts from the public and private sectors took part in the initial workshop, and a second workshop is planned in late summer or early autumn of 2019. The strategy will contain the basic principles for promoting various kinds of alternative propulsion by the City of Prague and its organisations and companies. We will be informing you about any progress on the Polaď Prahu website.