17. 6. 2022

Addendum to the Analysis approved!

As of 6 June 2022, the Mobility Plan has a new addendum. It not only reacts to the COVID-19 pandemic and the capital’s financial situation, but also to current stimuli and needs. For example, measures that need to be updated, new related policy documents, as well as newly addressed areas.

Another reason for producing the addendum was the fact that problematic issues have emerged during implementation of the Mobility Plan to date. For example, shifting of deadlines for preparing and implementing measures, too many measures and related tasks, inadequate project management at the level of city organisations, and also lack of link-up between measures and the municipal budget.

The addendum also reacts to a comprehensive set of studies focused on the transport behaviour of Prague residents and visitors. These were transport-sociological surveys among inhabitants of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region supplemented with directional surveys of automobile and public transport traffic at the city boundary. The result was the acquisition of data such as establishing the number of trips made by specific types of transport, the reasons for these trips being made, their distribution in time and other information characterising the transport behaviour of urban traffic participants.

Last but not least, we have registered an increased interest in bicycle transport, not solely based on the data from the aforementioned study, but also based on observing the number of bicycles in traffic. This change in trends occurred as a result of the pandemic, as well as thanks to the implementation of many measures that favour cyclists. This growth has not abated even now and needs to be reflected. Prague thus has the potential for further advancement of cycling and the need to further expand cycling infrastructure.

Prague City Council has approved the Addendum to the Analysis and you can find it in Czech here.