28. 4. 2022

The P+ project will get an important refresh

The project for fine-tuning transport in Prague has been with you for over five years now and because its individual elements are directly linked to the other developments in the city, some are now in need of an update. In doing this, we have to proceed in accordance with new policy documents (e.g. the Urban and Active Mobility Concept for 2021-2030 and the Prague Climate Plan 2030), new areas of responsibility (e.g. the bike depot), the financial means available to the city (especially regarding the high inflation and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic) and, last but not least, previous experience with the implementation of individual measures.

We are thus drawing up an Amendment to the Analysis to serve as a basis for the update by the working group. If the Prague City Council manages to discuss it by June, our next post on current events will introduce further details. What will happen next? We will create a new P+ draft, which is expected to be approved early next year. The action plan will then be implemented beginning in the second half of the year.

Not to dwell on future plans only, let’s take a look at what else has been accomplished. Prague managed to open a new multistorey car park in Černý Most in December last year, with almost nine hundred parking spaces. The building was constructed in place of the former P+R surface parking lot at Chlumecká street, tripling the parking capacity of the site. Of the total of 886 parking spaces, the car park offers:

  • 89 spaces for LGN vehicles;
  • 22 disabled parking places;
  • 18 places for parents with children (wider space);
  • 8 charging stations for electric vehicles;
  • 28 motorcycle parking spaces;
  • 38 lockable parking bays for bicycles.

Other P+R car parks will be built in Nové Butovice and Hostivař, and the city is also planning to construct another multistorey car park in Zličín. And finally, one piece of positive news to conclude with: on Friday 8 April, after ten months of construction, the new tram line to Holyně – the first stage of the planned extension from Sídliště Barrandov to Slivenec – officially opened.