19. 4. 2021

Tune Up Prague has a new project coordinator

This year, the P+ strategy has gained a new coordinator, Jiří Vecko, who will be in charge of P+ activities and their overlap with the entire field of sustainable mobility. One reason for modifying the strategy’s coordination is the fact that P+ was assigned a separate city hall budget chapter. This means that, unlike his predecessor, the new coordinator will have more space for work on this project, because the P+ agenda is expanding.

Jiří Vecko previously worked as a control and methodology specialist for the field of transport. He also worked for IDSK (which organises public transport in the Central Bohemian Region), where he was involved in preparing and implementing P+ measures. Consequently, he was able to get to know the project and take part in assessing its various measures. Before joining Prague City Hall he worked in the Railways Administration, where he liaised with secondary schools and universities to popularise rail transport among young people. Given that his interests include urban mobility and sustainable mobility, he welcomes the chance to help change the approach to transport and mobility in Prague and its environs. He graduated from the Czech Technical University transport faculty with a bachelor’s degree and is now furthering his studies.

After closely studying the P+ project and the related documents at Prague City Hall, he has started to push ahead with the successful work of his colleague and predecessor. He sees sustainable mobility in Prague and other cities as a major challenge in both environmental and financial terms and from the perspective of the use of public space. Tune Up Prague and its working group welcome Jiří to the team and trust that his knowledge and modern understanding of the issue of transport in big cities will be appreciated by all of you who are following or taking part in our project.