14. 1. 2021

Bike depot to relieve Prague of growing number of delivery trucks

The capital is experiencing a rise in the popularity of online shopping and an associated boom in the number packages being delivered. This is one of the reasons it opened the Depot.bike package transhipment station at Prague’s Těšnov shortly before Christmas, which will help slow the rising number of delivery trucks. Shipping companies instead have placed storage containers at the former parking lot on Sokolovská under the expressway, and from there they distribute parcels on electric cargo bikes. In the future this will primarily relieve the historic centre, where the traffic situation is often complicated, not only for those driving through, but also for couriers who have to deliver packages in this area and need to park their vehicles there for a short time.

Prague found inspiration in international smart city concepts and made use of its own plot of land near the Florenc metro station, transforming it into a depot. Six delivery companies are already operating their own container beneath the expressway, making use of over 30 cargo bikes for deliveries. On just one they can carry up to 300 kilograms of cargo. At the depot the city also set up facilities for the couriers, including an electric bike charger.

The individual companies bring in their packages early in the morning. Couriers gradually deliver them to their addressees, and if they aren’t delivered, the packages return here and don’t have to needlessly travel back to warehouses on the outskirts of Prague. This contributes to a better traffic situation and lower emission levels. The depot is currently doing a six-month trial period, at the end of which the programme will be evaluated and potentially other locations proposed to help the “last mile” of deliveries from e-shops be carried out with greater consideration for both residents and the environment in other parts of the capital.

At the start of January of this year, couriers had already delivered over 7 500 parcels on electric bicycles and together travelled 4 500 kilometres. The Leonardo Plus show even did an interview on Depot.bike, which you can listen to here (in Czech, at the time 14:05).