16. 4. 2020

Implementation of Mobility Plan and Proposal Maps

Implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for the capital city and the entire surrounding metropolitan area is underway, and other projects – namely the  Jižní Město Tram Route – Stage 1, Energy Demand and Carbon Footprint Reduction Plan, Development of P+R in Connection with Railways in Prague and the Vypich-Motol Tram Route – have been given to the P+ working group for evaluation in compliance with the Transport Policy. The required compliance has been expressed, and, according to the set procedure, it has been decided, together with Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr, that the projects will be placed in waiting mode for updates. Two new measures – the Malovanka-Strahov Tram Route and the Podbaba-Bohnice Cable Car – were already added at the time the Action Plan was being discussed, and these are also waiting for the P+ plan to be updated. Some measures – the PID Lítačka app, the Data Platform and the Virtualisation of Prague – were already completed during discussion of the Action Plan as part of the multimodal travel section. Reconstruction of Zenklova street and the tram route along Vinohradská street fall under the transport and public space section. Measures regarding travel times on the inner City Ring Road, navigation to vacant parking spots, territorial transport-dependent management, incident detection and territorial transport-dependent management at the remaining central offices were finalised or cancelled by a decision of the Prague City Council. The current status or development of measures can be easily found in the measures file by task or their performance.

At its last meeting, the P+ working group updated the timetable and costs of measures in the   Reservoir. It also checked the fulfilment of tasks related to measures with performance dates in 2019 and, last but not least, started preparing for discussion of P+ at the Central Bohemian Region Council.

The successful creation of the final version of the web app for proposal maps by their unification with problem maps is good news. Proposed measures can be easily displayed, and it is easy to switch to the specific measure file in the Reservoir. Not all measures can be displayed, however; some – e.g., creation of strategic documents and some measure packages – can only be found only in the Reservoir,. A list of those measures that cannot be displayed can be found in the new map app on the bottom left for each respective displayed proposal map. The new version of the proposal and problem maps can be found here or at the link on the homepage of this website.