20. 11. 2019

P+ Action Plan Approved. Implementation of the Mobility Plan Begins!

Prague City Council approved the P+ Action Plan for 2019–2023 under the Polaď Prahu (Tune Up Prague) project. The plan is a document that is crucial for commencing the implementation of transport projects in the city. It sets out the responsibilities that each city organisation has for the various projects and their respective deadlines. It thus defines when Prague has to have the project documentation for the Inner Ring Road or when the construction of the tram line connecting Sídliště Barrandov and Holyně or Divoká Šárka and Sídliště Dědina should be included in the budget. A new information website will be launched in this connection to inform citizens about the status of the projects.

“The Action Plan under the Polaď Prahu (Tune Up Prague) project is a crucial document. We finally have a clear timetable for the specific steps to be taken to make Prague a modern, 21st century city. We know exactly when each important transport project will be built, who will be responsible for it and why it is important in the context of Prague in relation to other projects,” said Transport Deputy Adam Scheinherr.

The Action Plan for 2019–2023 includes measures that will have at least their preparatory phase commenced. Such measures constitute a majority, i.e., 224 out of a total 249. It takes a long time to prepare projects; it is, therefore, necessary to start with the preparatory phase as soon as possible. The first period of validity of the Action Plan thus covers practically all measures of the Mobility Plan. By 2023, almost all measures should be in the preparatory phase and more than half in the implementation phase.

The following is a list of selected projects whose preparatory phase has already begun or will begin this year:

Project Name Start of implementation
Tram line Divoká Šárka – Dědinská 2021
Tram line Sídl. Barrandov – Holyně – Slivenec 2020
Tram line Sídliště Modřany – Libuš 2020
Tram line Dvorecký Bridge (Dvorecký most) 2022
Repair of Barrandov Bridge (Barrandovský most) 2021
Repair of  Legion Bridge (most Legií) 2022
Holešovice – Karlín footbridge 2022
Outer Ring Road (D0), 511 (Běchovice – D1) 2021
Tram line Českomoravská 2021
Barrier-free access to the metro station Jiřího z Poděbrad 2021
Barrier-free access to the metro station Křižíkova 2022
Barrier-free access to the metro station Jinonice 2022
Barrier-free access to the metro station Radlická 2022
Reconstruction of Táborská street 2020
Reconstruction of the Lesser Quarter Square (Malostranské náměstí) 2020
Development of P+R lots at metro stations 2020
Development of P+R lots in Priority Area 1 of the Central Bohemian Region 2020
Revitalisation of Wenceslas Square (Václavské Náměstí) / bottom end 2020

According to the Action Plan, 111 projects should be ready by 2023, including:

  • Making Prague Main Railway Station accessible from the surroundings (rail infrastructure)
  • Zahradní Město tram loop (rail infrastructure)
  • Metro D – geological survey (rail infrastructure)
  • Prague – Dolní Počernice jíh stop  (rail infrastructure)
  • Increasing the capacity of the Štěrboholy radial road at the Rybníčky – Průmyslová interchange (road infrastructure)
  • Detection of travel in designated lanes (transportation organisation and regulation)
  • Transport management scenarios (transportation organisation and regulation)
  • Development of a car sharing system (multimodal travel)
  • Development of P+R lots in Priority Area 1 of the Central Bohemian Region (multimodal travel)
  • Bicycle trail from Dolní Břežany to Zbraslav (transport and public space)
  • Reconstruction of selected TRAM stops to barrier-free stops (transport and public space)

“The city is a living organism and its needs are ever changing. Thanks to the Action Plan, we are able to respond to these changes and prepare the city for further transportation-related development sufficiently in advance,” says Ondřej Boháč, Director of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Praha).