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We have obtained an SEA position

10. April 2019

The last step before the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Surroundings with an Outlook to 2030 can be presented to Prague's elected representatives for final approval is an assessment of its impact on the environment and public health.

And based on it, we have received a green light from the Ministry of the Environment.

As we have informed you in the past, the mobility plan concept had to go through the SEA process, i.e. an evaluation of the impact of the concept on the environment and public health (SEA stands for strategic environmental assessment). This process ends with a position from the Ministry of the Environment. Based on the SEA we have obtained this, and approval of the plan can thus continue. A wide spectrum of parameters were assessed, for example the mobility plan has sub-goals of reducing the carbon footprint, reducing transport's spatial demands, and greater safety and availability of transport.

Commenting on the concept were not only Prague's municipal districts, but also neighbouring towns, ministries, state administration authorities, and above all the public. The assessment process has now come to the conclusion that the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Surroundings will not have a serious impact on the environment or public health if the conditions listed in the position are observed. We are pleased to say, however, that we already meet most of the conditions in the position statement now, and thus we are on the right track. We are another step closer to Prague and its whole metropolitan area having its first mobility plan approved. You can download the concept assessment by the company EIA Servis here. You can read the Ministry of the Environment position statement here. How public comments were dealt with is found here. The statement of the submitter is stored here. (All documents are in Czech.)