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Publication of Documents Pertaining to P+

30. May 2019

The Prague Municipal Council has approved the Prague Mobility Plan. We can, therefore, now disclose to the public the documents pertaining closely to the P+ project. Naturally, this includes the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Its Suburbs.

We have already informed you in the News section about the Sustainability Mobility Plan for Prague and Its Suburbs being approved by the Prague Municipal Council.

The Sustainable Mobility Plan can be downloaded hereThe related List of Measures by Area can be downloaded herethe Statistical Indicators here and the Model Indicators here.

You can also access the Project Promoter’s Declaration pursuant to the Environmental Impact Assessment Act hereThe response to the comments that you had the opportunity to submit in person during our meeting at the Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) in Prague can be downloaded here.

The entire SEA, i.e. the assessment of P+ in terms of its environmental impact, can be found here

The final standpoint of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic on the P+ project can be found here.

(These documents are in Czech only.)